Investment Portfolio Tracker

We all invest in stocks and Mutual funds and tracking their performance sometimes becomes a problem.

So I found this wonderful tracker by Kyith on which is an excellent tool to keep track of your investments. Kyith has made a google spreadsheet for tracking the stocks. I have just converted that google spreadsheet into excel spreadsheet and added some functionalities and also removed certain features like cash register, dividend tracker (Which I didn’t required).

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CISA Exam Resources

Last December I gave my CISA exam, and cleared it. As being from the financial audit background I thought the paper to be heavy on IT concepts, but I found the paper lighter on the IT side and more skewed towards the audit concepts.

I used the official ISACA manual and question database with CISA study guide by David L Cannon. I found the official manual a bit dry, so I went with the David L Cannon’s CISA study guide.

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Benford’s Law in Analyzing Accounting Data

Benford law named after physicist Frank Benford, also called first-digit law is an observation about the frequency distribution of leading digits in natural sets of numerical data.

Benford‘s Law states that natural sets of numbers follow a predictable pattern, no matter what their origin or subject. The digit 1 will be the leading digit approximately 30% of the time. A leading digit is simply the left-most digit in a number (0 cannot be a leading digit). In fact, digits 1, 2, or 3 lead approximately 60% of the time. 9 as a leading digit appears only 4.5% of the time.

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